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Hammas Bin Tanveer


I am a second year PhD student at the University of Iowa advised by Dr. Rishab Nithayanand. I am a firm believer in online anonymity, privacy and accessibility and am always interested in working on projects that further one of these causes. I previously worked in the Technology for People Initiative and was advised by Dr. Fareed Zaffar


I recently passed my Qualifying Exam! September 2020

PDF Qualifying Exam report
PDF Qualifying Exam presentation slides

The Utility of Cyber Threat Intelligence for IPv6

A project aimed at analyzing how useful Cyber Threat Intelligence would be in thewake of IPv6. We analyze certain trade offs between home-grown, commercial andpublic blacklists. We also test the efficacy of IP blocklists in the advent of IPv6.

Dr. Rishab Nithayanand
Rachee Singh
Dr. Paul Pearce


A project aimed at building resilient clouds with applications ranging from moving-target defense against denial-of-service and side-channel attacks to mitigating informa-tion leakage by cloning of entire virtual networks.

Dr. Fareed Zaffar

Youtube video description generation

A project aimed at providing succinct and authentic description about a Youtube videousing machine learning techniques.

Dr. Fareed Zaffar

Malware detection using Provenance graphs

A project aimed to detecting malwares of varying kinds from selected provenance,collected by SPADE, by using machine learning techniques.

Dr. Fareed Zaffar

Work Experience

Research Assistant: The University of Iowa August 2019 - Present

The Security, Privacy, and Anonymity Research Team

Research Assistant: Lahore University of Management Sciences August 2018 - May 2019

Technology for People Initiative

Educative, Inc

Developer Advocate and Course Designer


Teaching Assistant - University of Iowa August 2019 - Present

CS:3820 Programming Language Concepts (JavaScript and Haskell)

Teaching Assistant - LUMS August 2018 - December 2018

CS - 370 Operating Systems

Teaching Assistant - LUMS January 2019 - May 2019

CS - 100 Computational Problem Solving

Important Courses

Web Mining January 2020 - May 2020

PDF Measuring changes in Reddit users’ interests inresponse to coronavirus

Topics in Computer Science August 2019 - December 2019

Security and Privacy PDF DetecTOR: Detecting Tor Abuse Traffic in real time

Online Advertising and Tracking PDF Should Users Accept Acceptable Ads?

Dr. Rishab Nithayanand
Dr. Fareed Zaffar