About Me

I'm a first year PhD student at The University of Iowa and being advised by Dr. Rishab Nithyanand

I've been interested in Privacy, Network Security, Anonymity and Internet Measurements since quite a while and my current projects are focused on TOR.

Previously, I've worked in the TPI Lab at LUMS under the supervision of Dr. Fareed Zaffar on projects based on system provenance and making resilient clouds.


These are all the current and previous projects that I have worked on.

Cyclone - – A project aimed at building resilient clouds with applications ranging from moving-target defense against denial-of-service and side-channel attacks to mitigating information leakage by cloning of entire virtual networks.
Malware detection using Provenance graphs - A project aimed to detecting malwares of varying kinds from selected provenance, collected by SPADE, by using machine learning techniques.
Youtube video description generation - A project aimed at providing succinct and authentic description about a Youtube video using machine learning techniques.


Hopefully soon!

Skills & Proficiency






Assembly and C